Typically tucked out of sight, water heaters tend to be taken for granted until they fail.  You’re not only faced with complete disruption of your household, but a wide range of options to choose from.  Without consulting a licensed professional, it can be nearly impossible to determine the best water heater for your specific demands.  Contact Wally's Heating & AC for honest answers, top quality products, and affordable pricing in Cary, IL and surrounding areas.

Expert Water Heater Maintenance, Repairs & Installations

Wally's Heating & AC provides personalized services, uniquely tailored to suit.  By exploring opportunities, from the possibility of cost-effective repair to a wide range of styles and models, we find the perfect fit for your needs, budget, and expectations.  Specialized in conventional gas and electric, power vent, tankless and indirect water heaters, we combat rising energy costs, prioritize environmental responsibility, and ensure a reliable and ample supply of clean, hot water.

Give our team a call for all your water heater service needs!

At Wally's Heating & AC, we take pride in exceeding your expectations.  With 41 years of practical and industry experience, we know generic solutions just don’t measure up.  Replacing old with new, without adapting to changes in your household and taking advantage of industry innovations, fails to deliver maximum rewards.  Considering that water heaters consume a lot more energy than the majority of other household appliances combined, a high-efficiency solution pays for itself. Wally's Heating & AC offers expert service throughout Cary, Crystal Lake, Algonquin & Lake in the Hills, IL.